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Is imitation flattering?


In the newsagency marketplace my company competes with, among others, POS Solutions. POS have been off the newsagent radar for the last few years chasing business in pharmacies. So, I was surprised this week to see the latest POS marketing literature claiming to have fixed the magazine supply issue which has dogged newsagents for decades. They say their new min/max facilities solve the problem.

I know from my contact with one of the Directors of POS last year that they are copying our focus on the magazine supply issue. Tower Systems has been very strong on this for more than ten years. In 2005 we funded the newsagent channel’s first ever research into the cash-flow implication of the magazine supply model on newsagents. This research led to further enhancements of our software as well as close work with some of the magazine distributors on revised processes to deliver more equitable outcomes to newsagents.

The enhancements flowing from our cash-flow work have been in the hands of Tower Systems’ clients for more than a year. The benefits are now well established for the newsagents engaging with the enhancements.

I am glad that POS solutions has started to focus on newsagents again. I hope they stick at it this time because they still have enough newsagents as customers who could benefit from better software and better services. However, I wish they would pick their own focus and market that in a way which does not borrow heavily from what Tower Systems does.

Yes, imitation is flattering, but one needs to respect the imitator to be flattered.

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By Mark