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Alan Jones supports small retailers


It’s good to hear the noise being made by Alan Jones on his 2GB radio program and on the 9 network Today show supporting independent retailers. In his editorial Wednesday this week he talked about the exorbitant rents being charged for small businesses compared to big businesses by landlords. Click here for a list of Alan’s editorials. While some find Jones’ style emotive, his passionate words have a history of getting attention of those who can make a difference. here’s how he finished Wednesday’s editorial:

The retail sector in this country is on the brink of being destroyed, and the Government watches from the sidelines and sees small business and farmers wiped out, one by one.

And it scratches its head to work out why its support continues to plummet at the polls.

And the clueless ACCC still believes the market is highly competitive.

Small business is being driven out of the market because a large buyer is able to obtain advantage over its smaller competitors simply by bullying.

And if there aren’t laws to prevent that from happening, all Australian families will be the losers.

My software company deals only with small businesses. We feel their pain daily in the business issues they seek our help with. The more attention people like Alan Jones can bring to the challenges faced by small business the better.

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