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Our software works whether people take software support coverage or not. I’ve never been e for blocking the software in order to force someone to pay for support.

A small number of our clients opt to not be supported. Out of fairness to those who do maintain support and therefore the currency of their software we have a reinstatement fee to help cover the cost of catch up updates. This gets to be a challenge for us to navigate as there are some who cancel support and then haggle over the reinstatement fee when they want to get supported again.

We try and not get in the way of people being supported and apply a rule of fairness when a published list price does not apply. What we look for in return is fairness from the customers reinstating support. I guess this is my code for saying we are working at ensuring that people don’t take us for granted in this area and that they don’t take our other customers for granted.

There is plenty of grey in software support for small business. Many calls don’t relate to your software. These calls require careful navigation as we seek to deliver on a service promise yet maintain a fair price for this service.

While it would be easier for the software to stop working if people do not pay support, the reality is that would take us to a place which does not suit our conscience.

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