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We signed up for green power more than two years ago. In an effort to do more, we are looking at what it would take for our entire business to be carbon neutral. To this end we are talking with easy being green, an organisation which provides practical opportunities for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality in manageable steps.

The first step for us is to understand the emissions we generate in our offices (in five locations), our vehicle fleet (thirteen cars), flights (around 350 a year), taxi rides (around 300 a year) and other carbon producing activity. Like anything in business, the first and most important measurement is your personal benchmark. Once you have that you can work on efficiency and, in terms of carbon neutrality, offsetting through purchasing an offsetting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re serious in our commitment and want to ensure that the next steps we take on this are more than just writing a check to absolve bad behaviour. Part of our process will be to find ways we reduce our carbon footprint.

From time to time I’ll blog here on our progress. This first step of measurement will take a couple of weeks to gather the data and have the numbers costed in terms of emissions.

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I own a software company and a newsagency in Victoria, Australia. You can reach me on +61 418 321 338 or mark[at]towersystems.com.au

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