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A challenging interview


I was interviewed by a researcher preparing material for an upcoming article in The Economist yesterday about IT companies in the Asia Pacific region and barriers to growth. It was a lengthy interview, delving deep into views of the impact of government policy and economic reform. I was one of many software company owners they are speaking with – such is the depth of research done for such articles.

The interview was stimulating, making me think about my business in the context of government policy and economic change – particularly considering the broader Asia Pacific region. I know that the Malaysian Government, for example, has invested heavily in developing IT capabilities at all levels of business. Their involvement is more active than an R&D tax break or export assistance. As the world shrinks, this more active involvement in the development of the IT sector will prove to be valuable.

I am not blogging here and calling for more Government intervention as I am not sure that is the answer. I do, however, think it is important for politicians to look at what they can do to develop our IT footprint in the region across businesses of all sizes. To me, such development begins at home and is based around smarter use of technology in small business in particular with benefits, maybe tax breaks, flowing back to the more efficient businesses on the theory that the financial rewards will flow through the economy.

There is much more to think about flowing from the interview – it has turned out to be a free self-help session, igniting ideas for consideration.

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