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Followup from Economist interview


Further to my blog post last week, it seems the answers I provided the researcher for The Economist left them with more questions. They interviewed me again last night, longer this time. Again, the questions were stimulating and went to the heart of government IT policy and it’s impact on economic development.

I have been interviewed on TV, radio and for newspapers over the years and these questions for The Economist are the most probing, drilling down into detail which demands one to be certain of their views and the reason for those views.

Last night’s questions covered, among other topics, access to skilled IT professionals and how government policy impacts the size and candidate of the candidate pool. I was surprised to find myself with a strong view about the impact of government education policy on what the politicians now call a skills shortage.

I am of the view that the skills shortage is a symptom of a poor education policy. A government with eleven years in office has nowhere to point the finger but back at themselves.

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