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r2-cd.JPGWe are in the middle of shipping our first software upgrade for 2007. What sets this upgrade apart is that we are replacing the Borland Database Engine with a more robust offering. The upgrade us free to our suppoirted users and ships following five months in beta. The decision to ship was based on the update achieving a strict QA benchmark.

We’re old school when it comes to updates. We send them on a CD. While users are welcome to download the update from our website, most prefer CD. Many don’t have broadband. The upgrade CD also includes a fresh full install as well as the upgrade – enabling them to have local backup in the event of hardware failure and the need to install the software in a new magazine. Also, by providing a CD, we overcome issues associated with copying downloaded files – something of a challenge for some small business users.

Over the next new weeks we will ship close to 1,500 CD packs. We’re anticipating an additional 5,000 support calls as a result from the very basic (where do I put the CD) to the complex. Any change to software makes small business owners nervous. Upgrades encourage some to jump at shadows. We’re okay with that and resource up to manage the call traffic.

Beyond the database change, the upgrade delivers some significant new facilities and a new ‘skin’ for our software – making it more attractive to the eye.

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