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Recently, we purchased two printers – HP P2015 and HP 2605 dtn – for a client. Both printers fail at their task. Barcodes wipe off the label and even plain paper. The stock we are using is the same as we have used for years on other HP printers. The client relies on these barcodes. Clearly the printer is not working as it should.

Our technical team is frustrated. They have tried to take the issue up with HP but find their Indian call centre staff unhelpful and, in many cases, difficult to understand. We are told that the printers work to specification. I know from my first hand experience with these two printers that this is not the case.

HP makes it very hard for anyone in Australia to have direct contact with them. They have created a high and impenetrable wall and to me this demonstrates a lack of interest in customer service.

Yesterday I emailed the four names I found listed for media contacts in Australia. So far, no response. I hope that HP does not let me down. I like their printers but would shift my business elsewhere if they do not lift their customer service game.

Late in the day we were given a Brisbane phone number to call but we had to ensure we had an incident report logged in India first. Most odd.

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