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Geelong, where it all began



I’ve been in Geelong this morning, another stop in our national user meeting series.

Geelong holds a special place in my heart as it’s where things really kicked off for Tower Systems in our early years. Newsagents in Geelong were our early adopters and this set us up for our position in the newsagency marketplace today. Some of our best users are in the Geelong region.

The other reason it’s great to get back to Geelong is because it’s where I was born and lived for eight years – including two years at Geelong East Primary – called Old East back then if my memory is right.

The drive in this morning included the mandatory stop at Eastern Beach – the best of its kind I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Like any regional city, Geelong is close enough to a capital city and connected enough with the world to be up to date yet it retains the friendliness and personal nature of a country town. It’s wonderful driving along some of the wide streets and seeing a streetscape less impacted by the high density living we see in the city.

We put considerable effort into these user meetings – being personally in front of our customers is important to us. Gavin Williams, our Software Development Manager, and I are at each. We’ve found this provides better outcomes than having non management people running the sessions. Our commitment and presence prove our accountability.

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