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Successful database change


Over the last two months our customers and our help desk teams have undertaken what I’d suggest is one of the most ambitious software upgrades in Australian small business history. We have replaced our use of Paradox tables with the Nexus database engine in more than 1,000 small businesses. The switch involved converting data in over 150 databases at each customer site with some databases containing more than 150,000 records.

Nexus is an internationally acclaimed Australian developed database engine. It is dramatically different in structure to Paradox. Other software companies who made the switch before us told us that we would have to visit every customer site to complete the change.

What makes this network wide shift so amazing is that it has been done by our customers themselves. Thanks to the exceptional work of our development, QA and Help Desk teams we created a robust and timely conversion process. We were upfront with our customers and they have embraced the opportunity with few needing to fallback to the old version of the software. Most have completed the change without additional hardware.

The database upgrade was provided without cost to our supported customer base – this is over 90% of our total customer population.

The Nexus platform extends the life of our software and positions our customers for some exciting software enhancements.

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