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Software companies get involved in all manner of work outside of actual software development. Each year we invest more than a man-year of time representing our clients on committees and working groups.

We are glad to have participated for the last five months in a project with the Australian greeting card publishers association, led by John Sands, in pursuit of national category standards for greeting card data. It has been a challenge to find common ground among the card publishers while at the same time serving the needs of the retailers.

Of course, our prime interest is the retailers – especially those using our software. Currently in the greeting card space it is challenging and labour intensive or retailers to report on sales at the category level as data from each supplier is coded differently.

The emerging standards will help greeting card retailers better manage and understand greeting card performance – for the first time, a labour efficient whole of whole of department view will be achievable.

The payoff for us of this work is better reporting leading to better outcomes from the use of technology. As I said, we’re glad to be involved.

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