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Meeting clients – face to face customer service


It is a proud moment to sit in front of a room full of clients with colleagues from my company and be accountable. This is what we have been doing in our current user meeting tour. Before we get into the meaty stuff about software enhancements and training we open the floor for a discussion about anything. I say proud but really mean risky in that there is no agenda, we’re in the hands of our clients.

I find the accountability exhilarating and invaluable. Indeed, it’s like a drug – this week we had just one meeting and we’re pining for more contact. In the newsagency marketplace we are the only supplier offering such face to face contact with out clients on a regular basis. We have done this since the late 1980s.

We have added even more dates to our current national user meeting tour following feedback from our clients. Here is the latest list of dates:

Townsville. Tuesday May 15. 11am.
Cairns. Wednesday May 16. 10am.
Melbourne. Thursday May 17. 10am.
Perth. Wednesday May 22. 10am
Auckland. Thursday May 31. 10am.
Albury. Thursday May 24. 11am
Sydney. Tuesday May 29. 10am.
Dubbo. Wednesday May 30. 10am.
Hobart. Tuesday June 12. 10am.

Anyone is welcome to attend regardless of whether you are a Tower Systems client or not. If you’d like to book, please email:

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