Buyer beware on POS software licence fees


Check the total cost of ownership if you are considering buying POS software.

Someone considering purchasing our software showed us an invoice last week they had just received from their current POS software provider. It included close to $3,000.00 for an annual software licence fee. This is on top of an annual software fee and an annual hardware support fee. All up, this business was being charged well over $6,000.00 just to maintain access to their computer system.

The licence fee came as a surprise to them. They say it was not discussed at the time of purchase nor was it part of any agreement. They were told that if they did not pay the licence fee and the support fee, the software would stop working. This is an extraordinary financial hump for any small business.

POS software ought to be like Word, Excel and other common business products. Once a licence is purchased, the small business ought to have free use of the POS software unless they elect to take out support coverage.

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