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Better on site support for no extra cost


Over the last ten months we have logged into client systems on 644 occasions to investigate and address questions with the use of our software. This broadband facility through which we can access client sites has been a boon to delivering more helpful service faster. We’re using a third party tool which insulates our clients from having to purchase additional software or complete local software installation. We offer the service at no additional cost to our customers.

Given its success, we have contracted to double our capacity for this service – enabling more members of our Help Desk team to directly and quickly access a client system during a call. While call length grows through use of this on-site connection, we figure that we’re better off spending more time and resolving any issue than focusing just of ending each call as soon as possible – the pursuit of shorter calls by other help desks is false economy.

The virtual on-site service will grow over the next year and with it our customer base as the good news spreads.

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