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Making catalogue sales work for small business


Catalogue sales can be daunting for independent small business retailers. There are many factors to co-ordinate and a high price to pay for mistakes.

The catalogue management tools built into our point of sale software for newsagents, jewellers, bike shops and gift shops seeks to make catalogues easier and the commercial outcome more certain.

We eliminate the need for the sales team to work off special pricing. Our software supports catalogue special pricing which is date and time based. The pricing can be for a single item, multiple quantities of an item or even for coupled items. We have found this to offer the best flexibility.

If there are discounts for additional purchases our Retailer POS software can guide the sales person to pitch the offer and therefore increase the opportunity of successful up sell for the business.

To ease the burden of creating special catalogue pricing, our system can import supplier files which relate to a specific catalogue. We offer a free data check service to ensure that any supplier provided file is in a format which can be easily imported into the software. If necessary we make adjustments and thereby insulate our client from needing to get too technical.

Once the sale is over we facilitate reporting to enable the business to measure the success of their efforts. Our catalogue reporting tools also make it easier for the business to plan for regular seasonal offerings. Our clients can also export their reports to another format to facilitate analysis externally if they wish.

A pitch we often make to our clients is that small businesses are regarded by consumers as expensive. We’ve certainly seen data from market research which supports this consumer view. Any business wanting to counter this view of a price barrier needs to have in place a sale or special offer program. By structuring these within our Point of sale software, our clients are able to better plan and execute the strategy with minimal effort.

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