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Bike shop owners are evangelists


Bike shop owners are among the most evangelistic small business owners I have ever met. They love their businesses and, more important, love the products they sell. They are passionate about bikes.

This passion makes for better businesses in my view. Because they love what they do, they obsess about the detail – this results in greater success. Sure, bike shop owners are among our toughest customers – that’s good because the outcomes for them and for us are good.

We have been providing software to bike shops for eight years. It is a small but important marketplace. Specialist in its needs. Our biggest competitor is MYOB but we’re in different spaces – their system is generic retail whereas we offer a bike shop specific software solution.

Our work with bike shop owners has helped us in other marketplaces. There are facilities in our software for newsagents and jewellers which have grown from our work with bike shops. This is where we really benefit from playing in several vertical marketplaces.

We have a lot to thank our bike shop customers for.

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By Mark