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Software support or licence fee risk


Small business owners need to be very careful when they “buy” software. More and more companies are “selling” access to the POS software for one year only. Unsuspecting customers find out about the one year licence when they receive an invoice for a licence fee as well as annual support when year one comes close to an end.

We don’t do this. When our customers purchase a licence to use our software there is no time limit. They can use the software as long as they wish.

I saw an invoice yesterday from a newsagent using a competitions POS solution showing a total software cost for year tow of $6,000+. The small business can’t afford this. However, having invested man weeks in setting the system up to their requirements they are not keen on switching. They feel; duped.

Hence the need to thoroughly research the total cost of ownership of any POS software you are considering.

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By Mark