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Gift vouchers software a winner


We’re getting great feedback from people using the new gift voucher facilities in our POS software. We have unlocked facilities for small business retailers to be able to provide gift vouchers just as one sees at Myer, David Jones, Borders and the like. Retailers have flexibility in how our gift vouchers work including establishing the rules which appear on the vouchers.

Gift vouchers give retailers a second bite at a sale opportunity and, indeed, a low cost add-on opportunity. The most common scenario we hear about is where a customer loves a store but cannot find the gift they would like to give someone. The voucher is like a rain check – saying to the recipient hey, I know you’ll find something you love here without having to actually make the choice.

By embedding the voucher generation in the software we have lowing the barrier to entry for our small business clients and guiding them to one of the fastest growing areas of retailing in the US and Europe.

We’re seeing gift vouchers used in each of our markets: newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers and gift shops.

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