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Free new owner training


For several years now we have been offering a full day of one or one training free of charge to the purchasers of businesses running our software. Every two or three days we have one of these free training sessions running in one of our offices around the country. While the cost to our business is significant, the benefits are real.

We supplement the training with the offer of a mentor – someone from a similar business who can act as a sounding board.

Thanks to the training and mentor service we are finding incoming owners are better equipped to run the business and even extend the use of technology.. This is our core goal – to get our software used as more than a glorified cash register. Sometimes small business owners become tired and give up pursuing the maximum return from their IT investment.

We are now seeing business brokers include our free day of training in their pitch when offering the business for sale – in the newsagency space it makes Tower newsagencies more appealing.

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