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Trading off our name


How cheeky is this: Access POS, a competitor in NSW, is paying to have their business advertised when people do a search for Tower Systems using Google. If you click on their ad they are charged a fee by Google.

I estimate that Access POS has between 100 and 150 newsagent customers and while we have ten times that, it is a concern that they are seeking to trade off us in this way. We have switched 32 Access POS users to Tower Systems in the last fourteen months. Besides the software and service differences, there is also a difference in licencing – Access POS users have told us they are unhappy at having to pay an annual licence fee.

The folks at Access POS have a track record of trading off the reputation of others. For several years they have used the newsagent owned N brand on their website – this infers some form of endorsement or approval. To my knowledge they have no such endorsement or approval. Indeed, last time I checked their software was not approved to all current industry standards.

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By Mark