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Helping newsagents switch systems


To help the many newsagents looking to switch to our software we have brought some additional structure to assessing the data conversion process. We have developed a free in-store assessment service whereby we look at the state of the system the newsagent would be moving from and comparing this with our own data requirements. The result of the assessment is a recommendation as to the best course of action for the business should they decide to make the move.

Some systems we see were poorly setup from the outset so there is no point on bringing bad data over to a new environment. Other systems were setup well and maintained. In these situations it is easier to bring across the good data.

What is different about our approach now is the consistency we have brought to our teams in various states – now that we have switched so many from two other systems it is easier for us to streamline the advice and therefore provide better outcomes to our new customers.

It can be an unhappy business switching customers from one system to ours as there us unlearning to take care of before starting new learning. There are also loyalties to manage as well as trust to build. This all begins with the free assessment we provide – it is our opportunity to demonstrate professionalism without pressure.

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