Embracing gift vouchers


We have been swamped (in a good way) by customers taking up our offer of free gift voucher software. With the offer public for less than two weeks, more than 20% of our customers have loaded the free software.

In monetary terms, this is $250,000 worth of software we have given our customers so far. I’d expect to triple that before the offer expires at the end of August.

While our market research showed that many of our customers would be happy to pay the $795 price for the gift voucher module, we wanted to acknowledge the new financial year and felt that this was ideal.

The gift is tangible since software has a value when businesses are sold – our customers can add $795 to the value of their software licences.

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I own a software company and a newsagency in Victoria, Australia. You can reach me on +61 418 321 338 or mark[at]towersystems.com.au

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By Mark