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We have helped more users of the POS Solutions software get their systems running over the last two weeks. In one case the system had been down for several days, leaving the employees to process sales manually. The problem was not with the software as such so we were ably to apply generic IT knowledge and fix what others apparently had been unable or unwilling to fix. In another case the problem was software or at least software / data related but we still sorted it out.

There was a time we would go to the owners of POS Solutions and let them know of a problem their support team appears to not be interested in addressing. The response at the time has encouraged us to beef up our ability to help their customers.

While we want our customers to take out support coverage, we focus on any problem reported first and worry about getting paid later – keeping the business running is more important than anything else. Not that I want to help a competitor but if POS did this they would lose fewer customers than they are at present.

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