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Broadband key to small business


With more and more products being offered electronically the politicians will have to stop their bickering and start delivering is small business is to have half a chance next year and the year after. Our development team (and development teams in other software companies I am sure) are busy adding facilities, links and hooks into products and systems within other companies – enabling more products and services to be offered at the sales counter.

Each new facility relies on access to fast and secure broadband yet many parts of Australia are yet to have this. Small business is affected the most since they rely more on public networks. The challenge is that many small businesses currently do not understand the risk to their businesses of not having such access. Some who do understand have gone as far as ensuring redundancy in their broadband plans.

All I know is that small business owners are to be swamped over the next two years with more business to be conducted online than ever. Right now Australia does not have the speed or coverage to enable these businesses to compete efficiently.

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By Mark