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We are in the process of selecting candidates for a new help desk position and as I review the pool of candidates I find myself wondering who would benefit from joining our team. I do not mean this to sound arrogant. There are candidates others would ignore for one reason or another, people with good base skills but who would find it difficult to get their break in IT. In my 26 years here some of our most valued team members have been people who were in this category when they joined us.

We see it as part of our Social Responsibility to help people who would otherwise have not had such an opportunity – not always and not where it does not also serve our customers well. It takes balance and management.

In a Help Desk role, where you are in a group of tn or more, it is important that your piece of the jigsaw is as interesting, relevant and valued as the others – hence the complexity of the choice.

So, that said, today is about working through the pool of 30 candidates and getting that to a manageable level for interview. I will be looking for opportunities, diversity and attributes which will serve our customers well. An experienced chef, for example, wanting a break in IT may be more useful than a university graduate since he knows something about pressure and organisation.

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