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Occasionally we encounter a customer who shops the same query around the Help desk team looking for the answer they want. While this can be frustrating and delay us getting to calls from others, it ignores that we have an escalation process in place designed to address concerns over the quality of any assistance provided.

If any customer is unhappy with an answer they receive they can escalate the issue to our Customer Service Manager. Michael Elvey is skilled at checking advice and either correcting it or confirming that the advice is right.

If there is still a query then we invite our customers to take the matter to our General Manager, Renata Keran. Renata has been with the company forever – our entire Help desk, support and installation teams report through her.

If, after speaking with Renata, questions about assistance provided remain, I am happy to take the call.

We’d much rather our customers use this escalation process as it provides us with visibility of any deficiency in our advice and processes and therefore facilitates taking appropriate action.

This is on my mind today because I witnessed first hand shopping around for an answer. Three of our people were tied up providing the same answer to the same customer on a minor issue. On a busy Monday this is unfair on our broader community.

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