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Dancing with the stars


WeddingDance3.jpgAndrew’s wedding to Miriam in Sydney yesterday was wonderful.

Six of us from work participated in the most wonderful, boisterous and exciting wedding ceremonies and receptions you could imagine. Most of all it was happy, very very happy.

For many of us it was our first Jewish wedding.

In the past, with co-workers, we have celebrated Polish, Croatian, Italian, Greek and Russian weddings. Each one adding to the cultural experience.

Yesterday taught me something about community – it was amazing to see how well they celebrated the nuptials – and that they celebrated as a whole. They were happy in a way many weddings miss.

Some of us who steadfastly refuse to dance had no choice but to join the celebration. Guys danced with guys and we were dragged up to join in. For the second round of dancing we were there of our own accord. This was most fascinating – you couldn’t help but be caught up in the rapture. We enjoyed it but we also owed it to Andrew. And this is where, personally, it was a cultural lesson – the joy of celebrating and respecting the traditions surrounding such a wedding were wonderful to see and participate in.

The photo above best captures the energy of the reception. Andrew, the groom, our National Marketing Manager, is riding high on someone’s shoulders.

This was one of the best wedding celebrations I have been to.

That such a wonderful cultural experience came to us through work adds to what is is to be part o the community here.

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By Mark