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New Zealanders and small business



Christchurch is one of those cities which demands attention even though one is here for business. Its beauty and serenity make a welcome break. The New Zealand psyche is equally interesting.

New Zealanders believe in their country. This plays out personally in self confidence. It’s certainly what I see here. Further, New Zealanders are, in my view, more patriotic than Australians. No one is telling them to be, they just are. Maybe it is the size of the country and knowledge that the have to work together so the country can punch above its weight on the world stage.

There are parallels between New Zealand in the context of the world stage and small business in the context of a big business world. Rather than fighting and bleating about size, New Zealanders get on with believing in themselves and being the best they can be. It’s a good philosophy.

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By Mark