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One of our senior team members has been called by the police to give expert evidence in a court case against a former employee of a client. While we are happy to help our clients manage the theft risk, this comes at a significant cost. Already on this matter we have racked up close to 100 man-hours of time. This has been done over the course of two years and at no cost to our customers.

The loss of another three days to support the court case (including travel), again at no cost, is frustrating. I’d prefer the police to offer compensation for time – such as that offered to jurors. Actually, I would prefer to not be required to be involved.

Small businesses have more control over employee theft than they think. By being lazy with processes, lenient on end of shift balancing and too trusting they invite theft and place a burden on others, including the police, to fix things. This is not true in every situation but I do see it often.

Employee theft is retail could be cut dramatically if there were police checks on potential employees; tighter cash controls; tighter checks and balances; and, regular audits. Good software facilitates this. Our does – we provide an excellent range of theft management tools including camera integration with point of sale.

I’d encourage all small business owners, regardless of the technology they have, to ensure they understand the theft management tools at their disposal and how they can be used. This is business after all.

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