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Why we don’t monitor calls


I am against the call centre tracking used by big business. You cannot measure good customer service by numbers alone as they do not adequately measure customer satisfaction.

When people call our Help Desk there is no preamble that the call will be monitored for training purposes. Indeed, we do little in the way of measuring calls – certainly not in the traditional sense. I don’t care if one of our team is on a call for a minute or thirty minutes. All I am interested in is whether the caller had their question answered satisfactorily.

This is the difference between our Help Desk and a traditional call centre. In the latter they measure every call against business KPIs which often require calls to be completed in five minutes or even less. They consider call closure rate a measure of employee performance. I consider customer satisfaction as measure of Help Desk team member performance.

To support our Help Desk process and provide our customers escalation points we have an established process. If someone is unhappy with advice they can speak with our Customer Service Manager – he manages the Help Desk function. Next in line is our General Manager – she manages the entire Help Desk / Support / Installation function. Next is me. If a problem gets to me it has to be serious because action is swift.

At each point along the way it is driven by people focused on resolution. I have found that by focusing on the people involved and NOT pages of numbers we are able to maintain the humanity of the Help Desk and our customers and this is, for us, what customer service is all about.

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By Mark