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The good old days


Things seem to take longer now than they used to. With our growth we have put in place additional checks and balances to ensure the best possible quality software. These checks and balances cost time in deploying new facilities.

It can be frustrating, this time spent making sure we have got it right. But getting it right is important.

There was a time years ago when we would rush new facilities to market. Often we got it right but sometimes we did not. Now, with our customer base today and our relentless focus of quality, we cannot afford to get it right only most of the time.

So, while the delays brought about through better internal processes can be frustrating, the result is better business for us and our customers.

It doesn’t stop me remembering the good old days.

None of this is code for – gee, we are slow enhancing our software. On the contrary, we are in the middle of a considerable software enhancement program. To meet our goals and ensure that quality is the best it can be we have added to our team.

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By Mark