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Blissful ignorance and the fool


There is a chap in Victoria who has never used our software – indeed, has never had a demonstration from us – who is going around telling all who will listed that our software is dreadful. While he has been doing this for years, since he sold his newsagency he has more time and appears to put more energy into spinning against us. That he invests so much energy is a surprise and a waste of his business acumen.

It’s a free world and he is entitled to his bias like anyone. It is unfortunate that he spreads this with false information.

This chap was found out recently when a third party invited him, upon hearing his misleading pitch against us, to take a deep look at our software. Two months later and he’s not made the time – I suspect because he does not want us to show him that what he says about how our software works is untrue.

Ignorance can be bliss sometimes. Other times, it makes you look like a fool when the system you continue to criticise is used by twice as many as the system you champion.

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By Mark