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Inspiration from an AFL football story


The Age published an excellent story by Samantha Lane on Saturday about how several AFL teams are taking a different approach to team building, mentoring and evaluating performance. It reminded me, in a round about way, about Moneyball, a US baseball book I read and blogged about in 2005. The article and book, while focusing on sport, speak to challenges businesses like mine face daily.

Team development and management challenges are, I suspect, the same in small business as in elite sports teams. This is why I am fascinated with how elite sports teams build the team and develop leaders.

We are going through a period of unprecedented growth at Tower Systems and this is requiring us to develop additional leadership skills and assimilate new team members. While we have successfully done this in the past – at GST time and when we completed an acquisition six years ago – our size today requires a more structured approach to leadership development. The AFL story is especially timely in the context of our journey.

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