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Customer appreciation from Qantas


I booked a meeting room in a Qantas Club lounge earlier this week for an hour. What used to be a free service now costs – but I digress – ten minutes after the hour was up I was asked if I wanted to pay for an extension. I said I had an email to send – the frown I received in response led me to pack up and leave right away. Outside I could see that five other meeting rooms were empty – Qantas didn’t need the room back, they weren’t losing revenue. This was a Qantas employee enforcing the user pays rule.

While the time I paid for was up, Qantas should take a whole of relationship view. This is what good customer service is about – respecting the whole relationship and not just today’s transaction. The best example of this at Tower Systems is how we handle calls from people about hardware not purchased from us. We provide initial advice no cost. This initial advice fixes most problems. We have done this for years out of respect for the broader relationship.

Good customer service is about delivering the unexpected and not charging for it.

Maybe Qantas could pay for the times they are late and it is in their control – like not having enough staff to man the air bridge on arrival and leaving passengers waiting on board for an extra ten minutes? If you complain about this they will ignore you or send and off then self response which points fingers elsewhere.

Qantas is not the airline it used to be.

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