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Police get their man


The call from the police was unexpected. One the weekend, five months after the event (see original blog post), a fingerprint match sowed up and they had someone to charge with the theft of a wheel off a company car. It renewed my faith in their processes – I really expected the wheel to be forgotten after a couple of days as more pressing matters came their way.

That they solved the crime five months on made me think about support calls for which we have no answer. Without the fingerprint as evidence it is hard to track reports of vague problems you hope will go away with a reboot of a computer or some other unrelated event.

We don’t have many unsolved crimes but for those we do it would be good to have something as certain as a finger print to lift it out of the bottom draw and demand attention if the event we have new information to consider.

Our CRM system tracks such matters and serves us well – my meandering in this blog post is about the really vague call, not a bug, probably not even software related – the rare call you truly have no answer for.

I would have been okay with the police not resolving the wheel theft crime. That they have because of robust internal processes makes me want similar processes within my software company.

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