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Beating MYOB


We are enjoying some success switching people from the MYOB Retail Manager product to our specialist software in the jeweller, bike shop and gift shop markets. Those switching tell us that while the MYOB product covers the basic need, it is channel specific management and reporting tools where they feel let down.

We work with MYOB – it is one of the accounting products we provide a data link to from our point of sale software. But we also compete with them at the sales counter and in the back office.

Small businesses, jewellers, gift shops and bike retailers, need industry specific solutions if they are to compete. This is where our specialisation shines compared to the generic MYOB solution.

Our software for each specialist marketplace has reports unique to that marketplace. these reports help our customers manage their businesses and uncover opportunities. This is where generic software cannot complete. It is also why we cheer the feedback we receive from our customers because each suggestion usually helps us create software which is even more closely attuned to the needs of our customers in their specific marketplace.


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By Mark