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Roadworks botch up


roadworks.JPGThe Glen Eira council’s road works project is now six weeks in. Besides having access to our undercover garage blocked for days at a time, the two-way street made one way and most street parking removed in favour of the ever growing army of busses in and around us, someone made a mistake on a speed hum/pedestrian crossing. They built the thing in front of the driveway of a funeral home. On Friday, they dug it up (as the photo shows).

While the road works may seem irrelevant to people interested in Tower Systems, they are impacting on our business. There is considerably less parking for our team, we access to our street is considerably more difficult, you enter and leave the office through a haze of dist and the noise makes for an unpleasant workplace.

The Glen Eira Council, is doing it bit for the inconvenience they are causing by ensuring that they have two gun parking inspectors ready to pounce at 6pm each night when the permit parking kicks in. Having created the parking problem in the area, they have clearly figures that the 6pm curfew is a good money making opportunity. It’s another tax on the small businesses in this area as well as a major inconvenience for the residents.

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By Mark