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The move against DOS


It is a scandal that some newsagents were conned into buying DOS based software as recently as two years ago on the pretense that it complied with industry standards. It did not – those selling the software knew this as did the suppliers aware of the claims.

These newsagents and others using the DOS software are holding the industry back and have done for years now. One reason newsagents cannot leverage their national network is because of this non-compliant software.

While users of the DOS software are being told they must upgrade to compliant Windows software, the spotlight ought to be focused on the company which is at the heart of the problem. Their role in this is shameful.

Those involved will say the DOS to Windows conversion software is free. I see this as semantics. There are all manner of other charges. It is not free. Tower Systems is helping out, newsagents look at our sustained compliance and commitment to service and are taking the opportunity to make the switch. This did not need to happen, newsagents could have been provided complaint software from the outset and saved the industry a ton of money.

Everyone involved in this con ought to be ashamed Рnewsagents are paying the price for their naivet̩. Newsagents ought to ensure they are not conned again.

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By Mark