Aligning the QA checks


Our approach to software updates is conservative. It has to be. We understand the importance of our software in the retail businesses in which we service.

The importance of the quality of our software is no more on our minds than in the weeks leading up to the release of a new version of software. That is where we are at this week.

Our next update, the last for the year, is scheduled for release on CD in a couple of weeks. While considerable testing has been completed, there is always more which can be done. The same is true with live testing in the field – there is always more.

Beyond the structured approach to QA leading up to the release of an update CD there is the benefit of a fresh copy of the software – this is included on every CD for use by our clients should their hardware crash and they need to reinstall urgently to keep the business running. The software on the CD provides 30 days access without the need to pay anything.

So, starting this week we count down, check and re-check. As with every update our hope is software which is hassle free, enjoyable and good for business.

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