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Formatting the hard drive


A computer technician helping one of our clients last Saturday decided to re-formant the hard drive on their main computer to fix a problem. We felt the impact of the poorly planned action for two days as we tried to help the remote client get their system back in working shape.

As a policy we do not reformat a hard drive unless we know we have all data, settings and information necessary to get the system back to where it was. This chap did not do his homework and left the business at risk.

A phone call to our team or a bit of common sense could have saved one of our chaps his Saturday night and another of our chaps his entire Tuesday driving to and from the site. While we got them up and running quickly, rebuilding the server took longer.

One reason we suggest buy all their hardware and software from us is that it provides one head to kick in the event of a problem. The events this past weekend reinforce this as good advice.

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By Mark