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Moving products between stores


I had first-hand experience with a key aspect of our multi store software today – transferring product from one of our gift shops to another. Our software handled this easily. In a few seconds I scanned the items I wanted to move, selected the destination store and was done. Thirty minutes later, after driving to the destination store, in two clicks of the mouse, the stock I wanted moved was in the system and ready to be sold. An audit trail was maintained of the transfer. Should I run short of the stock I moved, I can see from the original store how much stock is elsewhere.

This was my first time personally using the multi store software. It was an encouraging experience. Not that I don’t trust that our development and QA team, I do implicitly. There is nothing like personal experience however. Multi store is a complex version of our software as it serves in various marketplaces and brings a new layer of requirements to the table.

Using it personally, as with the rest of our software, helps Tower Systems better position our offering to the marketplace. It also helps us continue to finesse the software since we can see opportunities other regular users may miss.

That we have a live business where we can demonstrate multi store in use demonstrates faith n our software software companies without such would find challenging. It ensures we make claims we know are true.

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