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Christmas Party resolved


The most important event of the year, the team Christmas Party has been finalised. We’ll gather next Sunday, December 9. The organisation of this is a lesson in customer service. The restaurant we first booked threw barriers in front of us when we tried to add simple things like canapes to start and sparkling water on each table – for which I was happy to pay. Simple questions were left unanswered for too long.

What really brought it to an end was their phone system. Every time I called I had to navigate three menu options on their phone system and invariably I had to leave a message. I wanted fast personal service and the phone system denied me this feeling. The experience reinforces my commitment to personal service at Tower Systems.

For the party this year we are going back to the same venue we used for our last Christmas party – we’ve never done this two years in a row. I am relieved and everyone else is happy. With 90 people to wrangle, it’s become a bit of an event. The folks at Vivace have been fantastic. Now, if only airlines and hotels made it as easy – we are flying 15 people in from interstate.

In a service business like hospitality and software you can never have too many customer contact people. Too few and there are missed calls, slow responses and soon you start to lose business. Many a software company has faded because of this.

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