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Being accountable


A client of ours installed broadband a few days ago. They followed advice from a mate and did it themselves. While they got broadband running, various security and other settings, about which they made assumptions, caused their system to disconnect from their supplier world.

Today, with so many suppliers connecting with retail partners in many ways, installing broadband is a project to be navigated with care and an attention to detail. While we have good advice sheet on this, people often ignore it – broadband is pitched as easy to install. While it is easy to install, there are changes made, behind the scenes, which can impact many parts of the business. This is why we recommend care is taken to undertake the project carefully and with thorough planning.

When our client called with a problem, we had no idea broadband had been installed. they didn’t tell us because they saw it as a simple change – which on the surface it was. It took three calls to discover this and once told, we were able to quickly work on the real problem.

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