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Business characteristics survey


I have spent time this morning completing a Business Characteristics Survey for the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  I do, on average, ten surveys a year for the Bureau of Stats.  Most are frustrating and leave me wondering if I will ever see the value of providing the data they request.

The Business Characteristics Survey is interesting and more enjoyable than others because to complete it one needs to look outside the business.  Given the much talked about possible US recession, rising interest rates and other factors in the news, it would be easy to slip into a depressed state.

Despite the gloom and doom out there, I’m upbeat about 2008 in here.  Anyone regularly reading this blog would know that because of our investment in new software development and support positions.  I’m from the school of making one’s own success.  We are doing this by further improving customer service, knowing that will drive even more business.

So, my survey response was upbeat. 

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By Mark