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POS Solutions, plagarism and Tower Systems


As far as I know, we are the only one to offer a fully integrated computer and security camera surveillance in retail anywhere.

This is Bernard Zimmermann writing at his POS Solutions blog tonight. Bernard knows that what he has written is not true. I know he knows we delivered Australia‘s first point of sale security camera integration more than four years ago. He and I discussed this some time back. Bernard has read my posts here about it. He has seen it demonstrated at newsagency trade shows on each of the last three years. So, yes, Bernard knew he was lying when he published his post today.

Bernard has published his post today about an integrated security solution to try and win a sale. POS Solutions has been asked about this by a newsagent who likes what we do. o Bernard has done what POS Solutions has done for years, he has played the game of smoke and mirrors – being loose with the truth to trick trusting folk into believing that what his company offers is cutting edge.

If it were cutting edge it would be POS Solutions engaged in the five exclusive newsagent industry supplier trials and not Tower Systems is the case. If POS Solutions was the innovator he would not still be struggling to get his DOS software compliant when the leaders in this channel switched to Windows technology eight years ago. If his company was the leader he tries to paint his company as being in his blog posts, POS Solutions would not have received the damning result in the ANF newsagent computer system poll conducted late last year.

I could go on. POS Solutions does not innovate. It copies which, in itself would not be bad if the copies were good. They are not. POS Solutions offers newsagents poor software backed by poor support. That’s what I think and it’s what the many newsagents think who switch to Tower Systems.

Trawl back through Bernard’s blog posts and then check back here and you will soon see on the public record how blatant Bernard is at his copying.

Sometimes it makes me laugh, other times it makes me angry.

Bernard and the POS Solutions use this blog and my Newsagency Blog as their business guide book. I should charge them a royalty on our ideas.

I shouldn’t worry, we have three times more newsagents using our software than they do. We’re growing faster and we have more exclusive supplier projects on the go. But I do worry because even one newsagent going with software which is but a shadow of ours is a newsagent letting their business down.


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  • Mark what nonsense it this, what are you writing for if not not to sell systems?

    We all know both of you have replaced many of each others systems.

    Furthermore Bernard has talked about integrated security systems before. What he is saying that only he has full one. What he means by that is his system can have the transaction on the till combined with the video footage in one video together and can be played though each computer on the network or though the internet. Whereas yours only has very limited access from the computer to the video based on time when Tim showed it to me.

  • Daniel,

    I’ve had the Tower integrated security system for a while now, and I think it’s fantastic. I can watch the footage from home via the internet, and I can quickly look up footage from within Retailer.

    I don’t know how long ago Tim showed you the system, but you should know that the software marketplace is ever-changing, so maybe you should get another demo before damning the software.

  • Daniel,

    Track back through our posts for, say, the last six months. The check the POS Solutions blog posts. You will see the copying of which I speak. On the two or three instances POS appears to talk first about something it is because Bernard published with a prior date to the date published. No, he copies from here every day or so.

    We have had the transaction and till (as you call it) combined and running in newsagencies for almost four years. We were first. Bernard knows he has not been truthful in his claim.

    As for what Tim showed you, maybe you did not look at the full demonstration. What you say we cannot do I have had running in my newsagency since early 2004. Hundreds of newsagents have seen it.

    Mark Fletcher

  • I have been, up until my recently, the Software Development Manager at Tower Systems. This was a post I’d held since 2001.

    At Tower we first started talking about security integration in mid 2004. We search far and wide for a system that would allow us flexibility we required. We eventually found a system from Taiwan that allowed the deep level of integration we wanted. Development started in early 2005 and we released it in the 1.8P update (May 2005). Those of you that have had Retailer since early 2005 will be able to look at your update notes for the release details.

    The security bridge allowed Retailer to interrogate footage of any sale and see for yourself what transpired. It also compiled what we called the highlights package. This gives you a package of the must see footage based around what was performed in the software during that day. You do not have to trawl through hours of video to find one specific event. The video is available on any PC in the network and also from any PC with an internet connection.

    We are also in the final stages of development and testing for what is our security bridge version 2. This is will contain many new features and will take the integration to the next level.

  • I can remember that in June 2005 we installed our first site in Melbourne using the security bridge. This was the full integration package not just software listening on printer and customer display port, the DVR is connected to the network and information is going through the network cable. In November 2005 we installed a site in NSW with 18 cameras over two stores. On the DVR they could watch items being scanned from a terminal in the remote store.

  • This blog is related to POS Solutions that POS Solutions does not innovate. It copies which, in itself would not be bad if the copies were good. They are not. POS Solutions offers newsagents poor software backed by poor support. That’s what I think and it’s what the many newsagents think who switch to Tower Systems.

  • Video Surveillance Software allows the standard proprietor to take control of usual Security Cameras used in concurrence with an IP Addressable DVR (digital video recorder) or a Network Camera using a Personal Computer. There are currently Windows and Mac versions of Internet Video Software.

By Mark