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Meet the Tower experts


We are hosting a series of online workshops based around experts within Tower Systems. Over the next few weeks you will be able to share in online workshops with Gavin Williams, Simon May and Michael Elvey. Each has ten or more years experience with our software. These sessions are your opportunity to tap into their expert knowledge, ask your tough questions and gain an insight into ways they see our software can help your business. The session details are as follows:

  • Gavin Williams, General Manager. Gavin has been instrumental in managing key supplier relationships. He can answer almost any supplier related question. His session will start with the three most important yet under used functions in the software. Expect to end the session with good knowledge on how to get more from your software. Gavin will take your questions on any issue. Session details: September 9 at 2pm.
  • Simon May, Technical Services Manager. Simon has been our go to person on complex and tough technical issues. His session will start with an update on current hardware and operating system standards and the common issues which get in the way of our users gaining the most from their software. Simon will take questions on any issue. Session details: September 10 at 2pm.
  • Michael Elvey, Customer Service Manager. Michael has hands on newsagency experience as well as exceptional Retailer software knowledge. His session will start with advice on how to ensure you get the magazine supply you want and the credits you deserve. This will focus on key compliance challenges. Michael will also take questions on any issue. Session details: September 11 at 2pm.

We are offering these sessions to help you more directly connect with our most senior people and thereby get more from your software. Participation is free. All you need is a computer with broadband access and a phone for a toll free call for voice content. Please book by emailing

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