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Businesses pursue value


One consequence of the current economic conditions is that small business owners are pursuing value in their transactions. By value, I mean an ability to derive a good return from the investment.  Conservative software companies like us with a long track record and achieving consistent growth are appealing to businesses which want to automate.

Smaller software companies, with a few hundred users or less, are at risk as are those which are shrinking in terms of their customer base.

So, value is the name of the game – value from being able to benefit from today’s software investment for many years into the future, value from partnering with a firm capable of continuing to enhance your investment, and, value from using software which genuinely helps you cut operating costs and increase sales at the same time.

There is no room in today’s new marketplace for spin -this is where history counts for something by proving that you do deliver on your promises and provide good value.

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By Mark