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Access POS is not Tower Systems


Despite what they might want internet browsers to think, Access POS is not Tower Systems.  Access continues to pay to purchase the Tower Systems keyword on Google.  They even headline their ad Tower Systems yet the ad has nothing to do with Tower Systems.  We have complained to Google that this is a form of passing off.  Google refuses to act.  All we can hope is that people searching for Tower Systems click on the Access ad to rack up their costs.

We would be happy to put anyone interested in the Access versus Tower comparison in touch with any of the many who have switched to us. We estimate that they have ariound 100 newsagents left using their software.

I have posted this item in the hope that it comes up in Google natural searches and thereby combats the paid ads being run by Access.


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  • Gee, sounds like ‘Sour Grapes’ Tower Solutions !!!
    Competition drives our market ecomony, wake up and smell the roses…

  • Not at all Aster. I am all for competition. My blog post is about Access Pos passing themselves off as Tower Systems by paying for the Tower Systems keyword through Google.


  • I think it is a long stretch to suggest they are trying to pass themselves off as Tower Systems. They are just trying to get their name seen as well when people search for Tower. No body would ever confuse the two companies. And there is something you can do about it anyway, just pay more and get Tower to display above them in the adsense. Google is not mean’t to be fair, it is a commercial enterprise and highest paid wins.

  • Fred,

    I wrote this blog post two months ago when a newsagent contacted me after calling Access thinking they were us.

    I claim it is passing off because the headline on the ad says Tower Systems. They are not Tower Systems.


  • Hi Mark,

    I think from my uni days when I did some commercial law subjects that passing off is against the trade practices and fair trading acts. It might be worth you suing them.

  • Dean,

    Not a fan of commencing proceedings. Blogging about it is getting people to ask the question about the connection between Access and us – there is none.


  • If I switched from access pos what if your policy on support and xchangeit? Is it mandatory or do you block me?

  • Newsagent, users of our software and not required to pay an annual software support fee in order to access our software of XchangeIT. I could put you in touch with former Access POS users who have switched.

  • Fred, The XchangeIT fee is collected by XchangeIT, the magazine distributor owned company responsible for giving newsagents access to magazine invoice data. If you do not pay their fee then they will not provide this service.

By Mark