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Managing theft in retail


sr_thief_may08.JPGThe idea of “managing” theft makes me smile because who wants to manage such a negative part of retail? No one. Shop lifting and employee theft are among the most ignored business challenges based on my experience. Every week or two we work with another customer, helping them get evidence of illegal behaviour in their business. Our sense, based on recent work, is that theft in retail is on the rise. Either that or retailers are being more vigilant an therefore catching what they were previously ignoring.

We have some excellent free theft reduction tips available for any retailer at our website. Since we make money from theft management through our smart point of sale / camera system software interface, we felt compelled to publish the tips we know can help cut theft. This is part of our commitment to small business, to help where we can. The thanks for people who have embraced our advice from Australia and beyond is reward enough.

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By Mark