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WORLD FIRST: Tower Systems software makes coffee


The latest release of Tower Systems software makes coffee! Latte, short black, cappuccino. You name it, the software will make it for you. A perfect cup every time. There is a button on the point of sale screen.  Click this, select your coffee and the software will do the rest for you.

We are pleased to have delivered this facility free in the latest update to our software and thereby added greater value to the businesses using Tower Systems’ software. This is another way Tower Systems is innovating for our customers and another reason business owners are making the switch to us.

My plan was to leave this joke blog post up and see how one of our competitors reacts. A check between this blog and their shows the considerable influence we are having on their business, well their announcements at least. So, I figured I’d make a joke announcement and see if they copy that too.

A couple of days ago I wrote about point of sale speed. They followed. On March 13 we launched Software Ideas, the most transparent and innovative approach to having users control over the direction of software. They followed, tried to at least. We announced our involvement in Sales Based Replenishment. They followed. We announced our compliance program for newsagents. They followed, sort of.  We wrote that DOS is dead.  They, well they took a different approaach and said DOS is alive an well.

While all this following is flattering, it confuses some prospects. Not many any more thankfully. This is where blogs help. We can use them to demonstrate leadership and following.

Maybe I should have left the joke blog post up and waited for their announcement that their software was about to deliver a coffee making facility.


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  • Mark i am sorry i am not much of a coffee drinker but i would appreciate it if you could somehow get this system to dispence shots of bourbon at about 6 pm every day

  • Brett, shh, you had a pre-beta release.

    Shaun, great idea. I’ll check on licencing laws. If we can get around them watch for bourbon in the next update.

  • Ha ha. This is hilarious and a perfect way to let people know how much pos solutions does copy Tower. Don’t worry that they copy because all they do is talk. This new ideas thing of their will not happen. The real boss in the company won’t let it. Thanks for the laugh. Can I get the coffee upgrade now?

  • Helen, I hope you are supported as we are only providing the coffee upgrade to supported users. Seriously though, POS are harming themselves every time they do this. It looks like they are lost.

  • My coffee situation is sorted (I bang on the wall twice and the girls in the coffee shop next door, make me one – no bull) So I don’t want this option in the upgrade.

    I would like to hit a button on the screen that will send a sms to one of the boys in the bottle shop at the end of my complex, to grab me a beer, give it to the florist down there who can bring it up to me at the end of her day. I’m sure I could set up some type of “reverse” account with them.

    Can you convert it to something like that or do you want me to put it in the software ideas for voting?

  • Michael i think it is time we all treat this seriously not one of you have botherd to mention anything about pizza,surely in 2009 we should be able to have this as an option

  • Shaun, kudos to you! POS software companies should have implemented this years ago, and after what John said it could be as easy as touching a button and having a miniture pizza slide out.

    I was drowning in sorrow yesterday (celebrating my birthday) in Surfer’s Paradise and scoffed five quarter slices at $2 each – it was pure bliss.

    Any POS software company out there not implementing the SBR (Scoffed Based Replenishment) program for pizza, should be, er, well, scoffed at.

  • I remember a kid at school who COPIED all the time. He didn’t LEARN much by COPYING. My point is that he COPIED his sister’s essay so good it even had HER name on it when he handed it in.

    You can COPY for a bit but eventually you’ll come undone.

    *Humour is good – You’ve always got to have a laugh.

By Mark